Caring for your Rug

You have spent good time and money choosing the rug that is right for you. It stands to reason that you want your rug to look good for as long as possible. Below are some hints and tips to help you.

When you receive your rug you can be confident that it has been checked for any faults or problems and it is in perfect condition before it is despatched to you. We use professional couriers to make sure the rug reaches you in the same condition it left us.

When you receive your rug you should:

Unpack and unroll the rug (please retain the packing until you are entirely satisfied with your purchase) Reroll the rug in the opposite direction to help loosen it from the packing roll. Allow your rug to acclimatise, rugs will need to get used to their new surroundings, it may take a few days for any packing pressure marks or packing creases to disappear. Place your rug in the desired place trying to avoid direct sunlight.

To help keep your rug in perfect condition you should:

Add an anti-slip/anti-creep layer beneath your rug to reduce movement. Vacuum your rug regularly, both front and back. Use suction only when vacuuming the front, using a beater rotating brush and suction on the reverse is acceptable but on the front it may damage the fibres of your rug particularly if it has a deep or shaggy pile. Certain vacuum cleaners with powerful suction can damage, please refer to the vacuum manufacturers guide. Remove spills and stains immediately. Blot, DO NOT SCRUB, scrubbing will force the stain deeper and may ruin the pile, use straight line dabbing/blotting motions not circular rubbing motions. When using spot cleaners, apply cleaner to a damp white cloth and not directly to the rug, test a small area first to check colour fastness.

Other tips to maintain your rug

Rotate your rug regularly to even out wear and possible bleaching, bear in mind that if you rotate winter/summer your rug may always have summer sunlight in the same area. Move furniture slightly to reduce permanent indentations. Unless the pile is totally crushed these indentations should spring back with gentle regular vacuuming. Do not use excess amounts of water or cleaners. Odours can be eliminated from your rug by mixing a 3 to 1 solution of water with white vinegar, blot the affected area with a clean white cloth. Use of entrance mats will limit the amount of external dirt brought into the room. Always refer to the manufacturers care instructions.

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