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All the best brands including designer labels. Asiatic rugs, Flair rugs, Oriental Weavers are just some of the brands we feature, so if you know who makes it, you are one step closer to the rug of your choice

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  • Traditional or trendy, designer or contemporary! You will find a rug that is perfect for you and your home in The Asiatic Rugs collection. Fluffy rugs, woollen rugs and every kind of rug in between, just browse the collections and make the selections.

  • We really know Fantastic Rugs when we see them! That's why we are proud to put our label to Rugs that give you the best quality at Fantastic prices. Our rugs are manufactured by highly skilled Weavers and Tufters the world over. The FantasticRugs label and the Flying Man logo are a sign of top quality Rugs, great Value and a Service you will find hard to beat anywhere else. So when you buy a Rug from our collection you know that you will be getting a Fantastic all round deal

  • You either have or haven't got Flair, and we have it! Flair Rugs have some of the best collections available and in the styles that are perfect for you. All the rugs are of the finest quality and with the exciting designs and modern colours, you will know all about Flair because you will have it too.

  • Superb collections of beautifully crafted Rugs. Traditional rugs hand crafted in time honoured fashion and modern rugs woven with modern fabrics all made to an exceptional standard. So, if you want modern or traditional, contemporary or chic, have a browse through the Gooch collections and give your floor a treat

  • Putting the 'OO' into COOL! Plantation Rugs offer some of the coolest designs and the quirkiest use of fabrics available on the Rug scene today. Designs such as Brick Lane, Beans and the ultimate in Chic, Mr Grey... not to forget the traditional styles, such as Jewel and Royale... and then bringing traditional skills into the 21st Century by adding fluorescent colours to the Crochet weave of the Knit One, Purl One design. Fashion For Your Floor has never been so exciting

  • New Zealand wool to ultra modern polypropylene. flatweave gelbacks and ultimate shaggies...Oriental Weavers offer some of the finest Rugs with a traditional, modern or contemporary flair. Whatever type of Rug you are looking for, be sure to browse the Oriental Weavers collections, we are sure you will find the right rug for you