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Click the choice of colour of rug you wish to view. You will see a wide range of rugs in all the shades you would expect within that colour. So many red rugs, brown rugs, in fact rugs in all the colours of the rainbow. A great way to compare the different rugs in your favourite colours

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  • White, Ivory and Cream and all shades in between. Brilliant whites or soft creams to add a touch of class or luxury. White contrasts beautifully with most colours but can also represent simplicity and purity with its minimalistic value

  • All the blues you'll need from pastels to Prussians! Shades and tones of blue from the crystal clear ocean blue to the rich deep blue of the Plush rugs to the duck egg blue contrasting with earthy browns in the Harlequin rugs. Shades of Teal and Turquoise compliment the collections.

  • Earthy and autumnal browns, a natural look! Boring Brown, not on our site. Brown can be the most flexible of colours when used properly. So many shades ranging from beiges through to dark, rich chocolate browns. Great with the lighter woods and works fabulously with shades of green. See, said it wasn't boring!

  • The darkest colour and the ultimate contrast. Highlight your lighter colours with a contrasting black rug. The colour black has been used to decorate for thousands of years and through the ages has become more and more fashionable. You are sure to find a little black number in this colour collection if that's what you are after.

  • Synonymous with nature and envy, find out why! The green collections ooze natural spring like colours working well with earth colours such as browns and terracottas. Be the envy of your friends and add a splash of green to that wood flooring. Highlight those terracotta tiles with an apple green rug.

  • Yellow and Gold, colours of warm, sunny days. Brighten any room setting with the warmth of our yellow rugs. Pastel shades or bright, radiant colours will enhance any compatible room setting. Yellow and gold work particularly well with dark woods such as mahogany, rubber wood and walnut and can contrast beautifully with shades of blue or green.

  • By definition Grey is a colour without colour! Reality says that our collection of grey rugs can add colour and depth to most suitable room settings. Ranging from slate grey to the brightest tungsten, grey rugs will compliment most dark colours. Working very well with most shades of wood, grey will add another dimension to your room setting.

  • Want to be dazzled? You need look no further! Multi-coloured rugs can add a sense of class, style or just plain funkiness to your room setting. There are designs suitable for formal rooms as well as fun colours and designs for that less formal room. However you look at it, these rugs will bring your room alive.

  • Orange, the warmth of sunsets over the ocean. Orange can add a warmth or intensity to a room setting according to how it is used. Contrasted against shades of blue as per the post impressionist artists, the colours will be reinforced, add orange to pastel shades for a cosy, comfortable feeling atmosphere.

  • Regal and grand, every shade of Purple in a click. Within this palette we have every shade from pastel lilacs and mauves to the deepest aubergine. Throughout history the colour Purple has been used to represent the grander things in life, it is the colour of Kings and success. Our purple rugs will add that majestic touch to your floor.

  • Not just for Valentines, but you'll love our pink rugs! Pink may be a bit of a girly colour, but the different shades can add depth and contrast to any room setting. Soft, pastel pinks to bright, intense pinks and all shades between.

  • The Red carpet treatment, well red rugs anyway! Passion, danger, fire or just a colour of beauty? Our selection of red rugs will compliment most traditional room settings when mixed with dark woods and lighter pastel colours. Shades of crimson, scarlet and burgundy all feature in our red rug collections.