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Gooch Oriental Rugs

Superb collections of beautifully crafted Rugs. Traditional rugs hand crafted in time honoured fashion and modern rugs woven with modern fabrics all made to an exceptional standard. So, if you want modern or traditional, contemporary or chic, have a browse through the Gooch collections and give your floor a treat

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  • Pure Wool Rugs shot with Silk to highlight the design. Buckingham Ziegler Rugs are Traditional Rugs which are hand tufted and woven with silk highlights to accentuate the detail of their design. Made from Pure Wool, the rugs are as beautiful as they are hard wearing and will grace most traditional and contemporary room settings

  • 100% Pure Wool Rugs with a textured Loop Pile. Tonal shades in circular patterns converging on the centre of the rug. Coral Rugs are very hard wearing and practical due to the dense loop pile. The subtle tones and design make it perfect for both modern and traditional room sets

  • Soft, textured yarns will make the Fantasy real. Fantasy rugs are Handloomed with 100% polyester yarns of varying thickness which gives them a shagginess and texture second to none. With 10 colours to choose from the Fanatsy rug collection will grace any modern or contemporary room settings

  • 100% Wool Rugs in a Traditional Wilton Weave. Woburn Rugs feature Traditional and Ethnic designs in classical colours and will suit almost any room setting. As you would expect, the Wilton Woven Rugs have a dense, 100% New Zealand wool pile which is extremely hard wearing.

  • Striped Rugs in Pure New Wool with Artsilk insets. Contemporary Striped designs featuring complementary colours to highlight or contrast with the base colour. Artsilk is used to accentuate the design and add texture to the deep woollen pile. Supreme Handloom Rugs are in a class of their own.