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Asiatic Rugs

Traditional or trendy, designer or contemporary! You will find a rug that is perfect for you and your home in The Asiatic Rugs collection. Fluffy rugs, woollen rugs and every kind of rug in between, just browse the collections and make the selections.

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  • Hand Carved by craftsmen and woven in 100% wool. Artisan Rugs feature a simple design which belies the character of the Rugs. The beautiful texture and varying pile height accentuate the design of these heavyweight Rugs. In four natural colours, the Artisan Rug collection will add a touch of class to most room settings.

  • Two Tone Rugs with a soft centre and a silky border. The Ascot Rug is handloomed in India with a 100% Wool centre panel and a Viscose Rayon border. The finished Rug is a seriously soft and stylish creation which adds textures and a silky sheen to the six striking colours in the collection. Ascot Rugs will grace any formal or contemporary room settings

  • Plain Rugs with a difference, it's a fine line! Textured lines of cut and loop viscose rayon or 'man made' silk, make the Bellagio collection a little bit more superior than just Plain Rugs. With a palette of modern colours, these stunning Rugs, hand woven in India, will add a touch of class to most room settings. With three popular sizes, the Bellagio is a must for all you style seekers

  • That hand made touch adds quality and style. Blade Rugs are hand woven and hand sheared by master craftsmen in India. The 100% viscose pile offers a silky sheen and the hand shearing adds a distressed look for those looking to add a touch of class to their floorspace. In several colours and sizes, there is something to enhance traditional as well as modern room settings

  • A textured Shaggy Rug with a superb 7cm pile. Made with fine and thick filaments of polyester, the Cascade Collection is one of our best value for money Shaggy Rugs. With several sizes and even more colours available, there is definitely a Cascade Rug for you in this Fantastic collection

  • Traditional 100% Wool Rugs with an antique look. The Chobi collection has a stylish traditional design and are woven using hand spun, pure new wool.Chobi Rugs have several colourways, all of which have a washed look which gives them an air of antiquity. Soft, but very durable, these Rugs will grace any traditional or contemporary room setting

  • There are Shaggy Rugs and there is the Diva Rug! Diva Rugs boast a textured shaggy pile of almost two inches deep woven from 100% polyester yarns, the pile has a density second to none due to the varying thickness of the yarn and is the ultimate in softness. With over a dozen colourways and several sizes, every home can have its own Diva

  • Bring a Splash of Colour to your Floor Space. Colourful Colores Rugs will brighten almost any room. The funky designs and the use of lots of bright colours make these modern Rugs a must for those who like something a bit out of the ordinary. Made from 100% polypropylene they are not only fashionable, but also very durable and easy to maintain

  • Possibly the finest Sculpted Rugs available. Hand tufted with pure New Zealand Wool, the extremely dense pile is then sculpted to resemble a crocodile skin design. These heavy weight Rugs are not only beautiful to look at but are incredibly soft and very hard wearing.

  • Modern designs and bold colours at great prices. Couture Rugs are hard wearing 'everyday' Rugs that have that little bit extra! The bright colours and designs will bring your floorspace alive. Machine loomed with 100% polypropylene yarns, these Rugs will add a contemporary feel to your room set at a price you won't believe

  • Hand woven and hand washed, radiant Rugs! The Dolce collection is hand woven in a Viscose and Cotton mix, it is then hand washed. The end product is a Rug that has a beautiful light reflecting sheen and a vintage look that will grace traditional as well as modern room settings. Although plain by definition, Dolce Rugs are anything but plain!

  • The Eden collection mixes the modern and classic with bright and contrasting shades which will bring any room alive. 100% Acrylic, hand tufted and hand carved in China, Eden rugs provide a hard wearing, but luxurious finish to your room

  • Handwoven from 100% textured polyester yarns. The Dumroo collection creates a beautifully shaggy and textured floor covering. The bright modern colours and the deep shaggy pile make the Dumroo perfect for modern or contemporary room settings

  • One of the softest Rugs you will ever come across. The Eva Rug collection has several natural or neutral colours and is available in three sizes. The pile is made from 100% textured polyester which is hand tufted and is a pure, unadulterated two inches deep. Eva Rugs have a luxurious fur like look and feeling and with the neutral colourways, they will look fantastic in virtually any room setting

  • The Funk rug has a modern pixelated design. Hand carving to each square adds texture and with bright or neutral colours the 100% wool rug will enhance any contemporary room setting. The blended New Zealand wool pile adds a softness underfoot

  • Harlequin rugs will brighten any room setting. Traditional and modern designs in one collection, the Harlequin range is made from 100% Acrylic and each rug is hand tufted and hand carved in China. Harlequin rugs provide a hard wearing, but luxurious finish to your room

  • Elegant Rugs, handmade in a Wool and Viscose mix. The 60% Wool gives the Grosvenor Rug a durability and softness whilst the 40% Viscose adds a lustrous sheen to this stylish Modern Rug. A mere hint of a pattern in the weave makes the Grosvenor collection highly understated in our Plain Rugs category

  • Stylish and luxurious with a soft and silky texture. Holborn Rugs are the epitome of class, hand loomed in beautiful viscose rayon, the collection has the feel and qualities of silk but none of the drawbacks. The design offers graduated stripes of colour either contrasting or complimenting the base colours. In various colourways and two sizes, these Rugs will add sophistication to most room settings

  • The Joseph collection stands out for its simplicity. The simple, but stylish nature, features multi coloured stripes in 100% New Zealand wool and is hand made in India.The cosmopolitan nature of the Joseph rug lends itself beautifully to modern and traditional room settings

  • Heavy weight hand tufted 100% Pure Wool Rugs. Karma Rugs have a dense wool pile that has been carved to create three layers of super soft Rug. The design is very simple but it turns a plain wool Rug into something special - that's Karma for you!

  • The Matrix Collections, new designs and colours. A collection of rugs that will enhance modern or traditional room settings. Made from 100% wool, Matrix Rugs offer something for everyone with fourteen new designs in the current collection. So whether you want floral patterns or geometric designs or just a beautiful woollen rug, we know you won't be disappointed

  • When it comes to pure luxury, just think Plush! Plush rugs are the ultimate in Fluffy rugs with the thickest and softest pile. The silky soft 100% polyester pile is nearly 3 inches deep and comes in a variety of vibrant colours and popular sizes

  • Patio Rugs that you can put just about any where. These versatile Flatweave Rugs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use particularly on hard floors such as laminate, wood or tiles. Machine woven from 100% polypropylene, Patio Rugs are incredibly durable and very easy to maintain. The collection is available in various sizes and neutral colours.

  • Rugs for Indoors and Outdoors, naturally! Functional or Decorative, with complementary cotton borders, our 100% Sisal Rugs are equally at home inside or outside in covered areas. Made from the Sisalana Plant, the fibres are very hard wearing and easily maintained but just as important, the Sisalana is a renewable resource. The non slip backing makes them ideal for solid floors and patios.

  • Sparkle rugs do exactly what they say, Sparkle. The 100% polyester fibres in the deep luxurious pile add a shimmering sheen that glistens when the light catches them. Made in India, the brightly coloured Sparkle rugs will add a contemporary feel to most room settings

  • Cotton and Wool, a cool mix and very hardwearing! With 55% Cotton and 45% Wool, the Sloan collection is up there with the heavyweights when it comes to durability. The trendy geometric designs and the ultra modern colourways only add to the appeal of Sloan Rugs making them one of the most popular amongst all the flatweaves we have to offer

  • 100% felted wool, 100% extreme Shaggy Rugs. Strands of felted wool create a chunky pile which is so dense that it probably makes the Tashen one on the heaviest Rugs in all our collections. Complemetary and contrasting colours within the weave create a fashion statement all of their own. Tashen Rugs definitely take shaggy to the extreme

  • Looking for a Plain Rug, then look no further. Although colour is one of the only things plain about the Tula Rug collection, but with 14 vibrant, modern colours to chose from and 5 sizes, you'll be spoiled for choice. The only other plain thing about these Rugs is the price, when it comes to value for money, Tula Rugs win hands down

  • The York rug collection is plain, simple, but stylish. Hand loomed from 100% wool it offers a deep, soft pile which is very comfortable to the touch but also very hard wearing. With 11 pastel shades and 6 sizes, the collection has something for everyone.

  • Viscount rugs, Traditional designs and colours. Blending Persian designs and classic styling to complement both contemporary and traditional room settings. The 100% Polypropylene pile is silky soft underfoot and is also very easy to maintain.

  • Vogue Rugs will never go out of fashion. Contemporary colours and designs in three popular sizes, all machine loomed in Turkey from 100% heatset polypropylene to make hard wearing yet great value for money rugs. The Vogue collection is sure to be on your list, as the song says 'Beauty is where you find it' and it can be right there on your floor with Vogue Rugs!

  • Whisper rugs are the ultimate in Fluffy and Chic. Made from 100% polyester, the silky fine threads create a soft and fluffy pile that is so gentle to the touch that you would hardly believe how hard wearing it is. The soft, shimmering pile is also total luxury in looks and underfoot, the Whisper rug will bring any room alive.

  • Rugs with classic designs and traditional colours. Windsor Rugs are machine woven in heatset polypropylene making them very durable and easy to maintain. Value for money Rugs in several designs and colourways as well as a wide range of popular sizes.